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Starting a mental health conversation

Starting these conversations isn't easy, we feel awkward and don't want to pry. I am going to give you my top tips on how to start a mental health conversation with someone you are worried about.

If you are worried about someone, I want you to enter that conversation prepared. You may not know a lot about mental health conditions, that is fine. What I want you to do is look at mental health conditions on trusted websites, such as Mind or NHS. I want to research as much as you can, so you enter that conversation prepped, as you may hear something uncomfortable.

The next tip I have for you, is to switch off all technology. There's nothing more distracting when you're having a mental health conversation with somebody, you look down at your watch or keep checking your phone. How do you think that's gonna make that casualty feel? They may think that you're not listening to her but what they say isn't important and you might find that casualty will clam up and not want to talk.

Tip 3 would be to ask the casualty where they would like to go for this conversation. The casualty needs to feel comfortable, asked the casualty ''where is it good place for us to go and have a chat?'' and ''what time is good for you?''. This conversation needs to be all about the casualty and not you.

These coming months can be hard so please check in on anyone you're worried about and start that conversation.

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