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About The First Aid Company

We're a first aid company based in West Sussex, providing a variety of first aid courses to help prepare you for any situation. Learning first aid and CPR gives you the ability to save lives, and we want to help empower more people to have the capability to act when an emergency situation requires their immediate response.

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First Aid for a broken arm


I founded The First Aid Company in 2020. For 15 years before that I had an amazing job as cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic Airways, flying around the world but also completing intense medical and safety training to keep passengers safe mid-air. 


I 2019 I had to use my skills and perform CPR. The paramedics said if I hadn't have done the CPR on the person they wouldn't be here today. Performing CPR was the most horrific experience of my life and I found it deeply traumatic. It made me imagine being in my situation and not knowing what to do.

From my experience I want to teach people how to perform CPR and use a defibrillator, to give people the confidence to take action if they ever find themselves in a similar position to me. Defibrillators play such a vital part in saving lives, a huge part of my drive is fund raise to raise money to buy defibrillators for throughout Sussex.

I took redundancy from Virgin Atlantic during the Covid-19 pandemic. I grabbed the opportunity to train as First Aid instructor and to setup The First Aid Company. This isn't just a business to me. I know it sounds cheesy but I really want to make a difference.

At The First Aid Company, we’ve worked hard to develop a variety of courses and programs to fit everyone’s needs. Whether you want to improve existing skills or expand your horizons, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our course schedule below to see what we have to offer, and contact us today if you have any other questions.