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So here at The First Aid Company, we offer first aid courses that are not only informative but FUN. When teaching a first aid course it isn't about just reading from the PowerPoint, you need to engage with your learners and creating a space that everyone feels comfortable. The First Aid Company is based in Sussex we offer certified first aid courses, paediatric workshops tailored towards families, children's first aid workshops teaching children First Aid in a gentle way this is aimed towards scouts, brownies, football teams, netball teams and many more.

First Aid at Work course is a 18 hour course, this can be done over three days or blended with 1 day online and 2 days in the classroom. This course can be done in house so no need to travel. A Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work aim at those who would like to undertake the first aider role in the workplace. This course is suitable for those working in high risk job roles such as construction, warehousing, light engineering, chemical manufacturing. The First Aid at Work certificate ensures you meet all HSE requirements. Validity - 3 years

Emergency First Aid at Work The Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work course ensures employers are meeting the minimum requirements to be compliant with Health and Safety requirements. The Emergency First at Work qualification is perfect for low risk environments such a offices and shops, who already have a first aider trained in the three day First Aid at Work. Duration-6 hours Validity-3 years

The Level 3 Paediatric First Aid Course is Ofsted/EYFS approved and aimed at those working in early years setting, such as early years practitioners, nannies and childminders who would like to gain a Paediatric First Aid qualification. Duration-12 hours split over 2 days Validity-3 years

A Level 3 award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid, this course is aimed at those working in the early years setting supporting those who have completed the 2 day course. This course is suitable for early years practitioners, nannies and childminders who are working as part of a team who hold a full 2 day Paediatric First Aid course. Duration-6 hours Validity-3 years

This level 2 award course is suitable for everyone but has been designed to help employers to provide a positive mental health culture within the workplace and to provide learners with comprehensive knowledge on a range of the most common mental health conditions and the skills to be able to act should a condition be suspected.

A 2 hour paediatric workshop. Perfect for parents, carers and grandparents who would like to expand their first aid knowledge. Subjects I cover on the course are • CPR • CHOKING • MENIGITIS AWARENESS • FEBRILE SEIZURE • ALLERGIC REACTIONS • BURNS • BREAKS • BLEEDS • BUMPS • HOME SAFETY AWARENESS

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