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Welcome to The First Aid Company

We're The First Aid Company; a provider of professional and comprehensive first aid courses, programmes and materials that help people from all backgrounds develop their knowledge, skills and experience to become more prepared for any first aid emergencies. We're based in Sussex and have provided first aid training and courses to people across the UK, providing the information and experience they need to give them the confidence to handle emergency situations and save lives.

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Comprehensive First Aid Courses in Sussex

At The First Aid Company, our goal is to empower more people to confidently undertake first aid when an emergency arises. Taking the time to learn first aid and CPR will allow you to respond to emergency situations and potentially save a life.

We offer a wide range of first aid courses in Sussex that are suitable to a variety of different people. Our course catalogue provides programmes for first aid at work, first aid for mental health and paediatric first aid.

Our first aid courses are available to anyone and we can even provide sessions for larger groups. If you're looking to improve your knowledge, skills and confidence in first aid and CPR, book one of our first aid courses in Sussex today.




Horsted Keynes,

Haywards Heath,

West Sussex


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